Popularity of Kazakh traditional drink

 Popularity of Kazakh traditional drink

The traditional Kazakh drink, kymyz is becoming popular in Ukraine. Ukrainians highly appreciate the drink’s unique healing properties which improve human health. Kymyz is made at the mares’ farm near Kiev. The company was founded 13 years ago. Today the enterprise has nearly 100 horses and many of them are of rare breed.


- We feed these horses with natural normal food: hay and grain. In the summer, grazing occurs in nature. We make sure that the Denikhivka where the horses constantly reside is dry and clean. Also, we constantly make sure that the litter is clean.

Specialist Alena Baranchuk is aware about useful properties of kymyz. Patients of the tuberculosis dispensary near Kiev have experienced the drink’s effect. The patients drink the kymyz on a regular basis. Moreover, parents of children diagnosed with the whooping cough visit the plant to get an environmentally friendly product.


- Kymyz is an environmentally friendly product that is processed without any chemistry. The milk is in great demand in Ukraine since it is the natural product. Local people come from all parts of the country. Our product is useful to heal the whooping cough. The drink is also recommended for people with tuberculosis.

Day by day, more Ukrainians are becoming aware about the healing power of the Kazakh drink. Therefore, the plant's management intends to double the production and to popularize the kymyz therapy even more. The drink will be delivered to the sanatoriums throughout the country.