Tourism potential of Burabai resort

Formation and development of Kazakhstan’s tourism industry have become a strategic goal. The country’s tourism industry is one of the leader areas which contribute to the multiplier effect of economy. Experts say that in the future, the process will be enhanced. The Burabai resort is developing which tourists can visit all year round. Nearly 100 hotels are designed to accommodate up to 9,000 guests a day. As part of the FOUR SEASONS concept, a special information center has been created and a whole range of activities has been developed.


- We are from Ekaterinburg and reached the resort by a car. We want to visit historical places like the Abylai Khan meadow and the beautiful places of Burabai. We want to breathe the air, get well, to rest only with a spouse, unaccompanied and no guides, to choose the route ourselves and refresh the memory about the legends of Okzhetpes and Sleeping Knight mountains.

The region is preparing a surprise for tourists. Each guest will get a gift book ‘The Blue mountain’s Legends.’ The publication in three languages will be issued in almost unlimited circulation. 13 legends about the region are collected in the book. Round year events will be a new milestone to promote the Pearl of Kazakhstan. According to organizers, there are 25 events that represent 25 reasons to visit the "small Switzerland" of Kazakhstan.


- Arab countries are very interested in falconry. Japanese showed their interest in falconry at the last international exhibition and they want to see this spectacular event.

As part of EXPO 2017, 80% of foreign tourists visited the Burabai resort. Guests from different countries got 20,000 brand products about Burabai. In the near future tourist can meet famous characters from the ancient Burabai legends. For this purpose, a production center will be created in the region and theatrical performances will be organized. The government will invest more than 60 billion tenge into development of the Burabai resort in the next 3 years.