Nursultan Nazarbayev met with leaders of delegations from Russia, Iran, USA, Jordan and the UN

Nursultan Nazarbayev held a meeting with leaders of delegations from Russia, Iran, the United States, Jordan and the United Nations who are participating in the 7th round of the Astana Process. President of Kazakhstan highlighted the importance of settling the Syrian conflict and the high interest of the entire world in resolving the conflict. The Kazakh Head of State emphasized that the Astana Process helps improving the effectiveness of the Geneva Talks. Nursultan Nazarbayev mentioned some of the achieved results throughout the 7 meetings held in Astana. The heads of the delegations thanked the President of Kazakhstan for providing a platform for the dialogue.


- I wanted to greet you and listen to how the important work is being carried out. You are working on the Syrian conflict which is the focus and attention of the whole world as well as a big issue for everyone. There is a big number of deaths and casualties. A huge number of refugees are going through sufferings. Kazakhstan is a participant of international affairs. At the request of the Russian and Turkish presidents, we have provided a platform for the dialogue in Astana. You’ve held the 7th round of these negotiations. Everyone is highlighting the effect in parallel with the Geneva Talks and the impact of the Astana Process. You have achieved conflict de-escalation in several regions of Syria. This is an additional channel for the settlement of the Geneva process. Important conditions for these topics are the preservation of the cease-fire regime. First, I was told that mechanisms have been worked out. Secondly, de-escalation zones have been created. Thirdly, humanitarian situation has been improved significantly. We also help with humanitarian assistance as much as possible.


- Dear Nursultan Abishevich, thank you very much for the opportunity to meet with you today and to share assessments of the current situation in Syria as part of the Astana Process. Of course, we have had enough time in the beginning of our work and you correctly highlighted that there are positive results of our work. First of all, the de-escalation zones were created. This helped significantly stabilize the situation in the country and create the necessary conditions for a gradual transition to the political regulation.


- These important political steps that you are taking have led to an improved political situation in the region. There is a truly peaceful settlement of the conflict. The result of all negotiations was the creation of four de-escalation zones. Of course, we understand that a complete transition to the ceasefire regime takes time. First of all, we needed a platform for negotiations. Therefore, the Astana process played a big role. All sides of this political event are present at this one table of negotiations. Of course, solving this problem takes time, but we all hope that during the Geneva talks all our intentions will be implemented. Thank you for being the leader and heading this peaceful movement.


- I’m thankful for the Kazakh part for organizing and holding the Astana process and for establishing peace and stability in Syria. Real meaningful negotiations are taking place in Astana and they complement the Geneva meetings. The Syrian conflict affects three aspects: humanity, politics and security. We believe that all three aspects are considered in Astana. Thus, we can help the Syrian people.

Milos Strugar , UN senior expert noted the importance and role of Kazakhstan not only in the Syrian conflict, but in the Astana process, in general. As an observer, the Kazakh side provided full assistance to the three guarantor countries. Strugar expressed hope that some progress will be made before the next talks in Geneva scheduled for November 20.

David Satterfield, acting assistant secretary of state of the U.S. also thanked the Kazakh president for the efforts to stop the humanitarian and refugee crisis, and end complete military operations in Syria.

Nawaf Wasfi Tell, advisor to the Jordanian minister of foreign affairs said Jordan was a country directly affected what is happening in Syria. The Astana process is a very important and useful process to improve the situation, supporting the political decisions and political dialogue in Geneva.


- I think this is a very useful and necessary meeting. If the participants and guarantors are willing to continue this, we are ready to further support this process. This means they trust our country. This platform is convenient for them. I wish you success in the complicated work you do. A lot of things depend on your patience and diplomacy. Kazakhstan is doing everything. We will provide more humanitarian aid. We are helping by sending food and allocating funds. We need to resolve the conflict in this region in order to establish peace. We all will benefit from this.