Development of tourism in Kazakhstan

Warsaw hosted one of the largest exhibitions in Central Europe, the World Travel Show which presented Kazakhstan’s tourist opportunities. At the exhibition, visitors were able to travel through the Great Steppe. The visitors could also discover the local resorts and go to excursions to Kazakhstan’s most beautiful cities along the ancient Silk Road. Tourist agencies have a variety of travel destinations. In addition to the classical routes, the list also includes such unusual destinations such as the Baikonur Cosmodrome, the Karlag museum and the former Semipalatinsk test site.


- Baikonur is the up to date tour. There is a great demand both from Kazakh and foreign tourists. In order to attract tourists we participate in this exhibition. This is our first experience and the atmosphere is very good. Trade and economic relations between Poland and Kazakhstan are developing year by year. For the purpose of developing tourism industry, we came to show Kazakhstan’s beautiful places, sights and tours which we are developing.

Kazakhstan which is the ninth largest country in the world with a diverse landscape attracts foreign tourists. This can be seen on the national stand of the exhibition, where flow of visitors didn’t stop. One of the visitors was interested in the country’s history and archaeological monuments as well as the new capital Astana. Kazakhstan’s nature attracts travelers, too.


- For us the most important thing is the Ili River and Lake Balkash where the world’s largest som fishes reside. In general, we are interested in fishing. Since I and my friends are ichthyologists we plan to come to your country. Therefore, we would like to see this place about which we have heard a lot. As I found out, there is a direct air flight from Warsaw to Astana which is very convenient!

Not only the launch of a direct flight from Warsaw to Astana, but also a visa-free regime facilitated the increase of flow of tourists to Kazakhstan. Experts also highlight that more visitors have learned about Kazakhstan thanks to EXPO 2017. 115 states and 22 international organizations attended the prestigious international exhibition which led Kazakhstan to become more recognizable all over the world.


- EXPO in Astana made a multiplicative effect. People, thanks to EXPO Astana, discovered the new Kazakhstan. I organized meetings, invited the Polish tourism organization, the Polish Chamber of Tourism and the Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry. They emphasize that Kazakhstan’s direction like the Silk Road and Astana are becoming very interesting to them.


- Kazakhstan is the most desirable country to cooperate with. I also visited your EXPO 2017 in Astana with pleasure. It was excellent! The expo in Astana was a large-scale event. I visited Mega Silk Way and the EXPO center. Everything was done in Western style!

At the exhibition in Warsaw, Kazakhstan presented the peculiar culture. National motifs were performed at the main stage. Kazakh students studying in Poland prepared a special program. Songs, dances and the dombyra performance impressed the visitors of the main tourist fair in Poland.