Kazakh producers build export potential

Kazakhstan is increasing its export opportunities. According to the data presented in the Senate of the Parliament at the round table on development of the state’s export policy, in the first half of this year the export increased by 32%. Today Kazakhstan’s businessmen deliver nearly 1000 different goods to 118 countries. Moreover, 50% of exports shipped to countries like Italy, China, the Netherlands and Russia. According to the participants, the National Export Strategy will significantly increase the volume of foreign trade.


- The main goal of the strategy is to increase the volume of non-primary exports by 1.5 times by 2022, as well as diversification of sales markets and export of goods and services. The increase of non-raw commodities with the volume of exports amounts to more than US$10 million which are shipped to priority countries.

The strategy identified 27 priority countries including Russia, China, Belarus, India, Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, the UK, Germany, Italy and etc.