Innovations in mining industry

Kazakhstan's mining companies are increasing their production capacity. Enterprises are focused on not only to attracting investments, but also to development of human capital and stimulation of personnel to search for advanced solutions. First of all, the companies introduce their own innovations taking into account the needs of the modern market. At the 7th International Scientific and Production Conference in Astana young specialists presented their projects in areas like geology, hydrometallurgy, ecology, laboratory research, energy efficiency and IT. Moreover, this year participants offered topics on management, economy, industrial safety and labor protection.


- Today, 18 reports are presented at the conference and four of which are dedicated to digital technologies. Young professionals play a significant role, because young people are at the forefront of developments in terms of both personal and professional use of digital technologies.

One of the topical ideas is the use of modern energy efficient materials instead of energy heating appliances. According to developers, this will prevent a huge loss of electricity. Another important project is the purification of mountain water resources with the help of special facilities. These facilities can purify not only the quarry waters, but also the sewage water. Moreover, young specialists suggested to optimize the server equipment.


- The project assumes that we are trying to cut costs by introducing virtual servers in our company. This means we reduce a number of physical servers and instead establish a greater number of virtual servers. This will help reducing the purchase of equipment. In addition, this will lead to cutting the costs of electricity consumption.

The development of digital technologies in the mining industry is up to date in the context of the Third Modernization. The best innovative ideas will be applied at the enterprises in the near future.