Development of air traffic

The growth has been recorded in Kazakhstan’s air traffic volumes. During the meeting of the European Bureau of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the representatives of Kazaeronavigatsia announced that within the first nine months of this year more than 183, 000 flights were served, which is higher for 9.7 % comparing to last year. In many respects, EXPO 2017 and international forums have contributed to this. According to experts, Kazakhstan has great prospects to develop the air traffic management system. Over 90 airline routes with the length of 84, 000 kilometers pass through the country’s territory. 73 air corridors are located on the border with neighboring states. The frequency of the transit traffic through Kazakhstan's airspace has been increased by more than 5%. In the future, it is planned to launch new international air routes.


- There are European and South East Asian air routes. These are the cross-polar routes that connect Asia with the American continent. Now Arab Emirates airways and Qatar airways have begun to fly with us. Indian and Pakistani companies’ air routes reach Chicago, San Francisco and the American continent through Kazakhstan’s territory. Consideration will be given to proposals on the increase of air routes as well as introduction of new convenience sites.