Digital technologies in television

Digital technologies in television

Kazakhstan’s TV channels are introducing modern methods of effective Internet technologies to promote content. Astana hosted a regional forum on the use of digital technologies in the television. Leading British and Ukrainian experts presented effective models for creating information materials aimed at increasing the number of Internet users. In addition, they spoke about the features of new platforms for news presentation, as well as methods for expanding the audience.


- In Ukraine, television is losing its viewership very slowly, but the Internet is gaining very quickly. This is often the same people. The main trend for the whole world is that the Internet covers a younger audience, and television should not lose young viewers. It is very important to understand the audience of the Internet, to understand that a reader spends much less time on the Internet than in front of the TV. It should be a short format, short news, and videos should last not more than one minute.

The forum brought together representatives of more than 20 regional television channels. They are planning to apply the recommendations of foreign colleagues in practice.


- Digitalization is today's reality. At the last seminar, we received necessary instructions for improving work in this direction. Our technical department is engaged in this. Now our channel will broadcast online. Such events are very important for us.