Special edition of the business magazine about Kazakhstan published in Ukraine

Ukrainian journalists have published a special issue of the business magazine dedicated to Kazakhstan, featuring interesting facts about President Nursultan Nazarbayev, tourism in Kazakhstan, successful business stories, analytics and, of course, Astana EXPO 2017.The issue presented in Kiev under the motto "Astana. The Story of One Brand."  The editor-in-chief of the magazine Tatiana Lyulka had this idea when she attended the EXPO 2017 opening ceremony.


 - This issue is different from the others, it has good analytics, and it features insightful and meaningful interviews that were taken in Kazakhstan. Anyone who reads this magazine in Ukraine will definitely want to visit Kazakhstan. Anyone who reads it in Kazakhstan will be able to look at the country from a different perspective and, probably, be proud of it.

The issue is aimed at not just informing about Kazakhstan but also showing its potential and development priorities. It is a good guide for businessmen.


 - The magazine provided extensive information about Kazakhstan’s opportunities. There is information about the launch of the green economy, creation of transport corridors, high-tech and digitalization of the economy. It can be used in the implementation of good and interesting projects.

The magazine is only a part of Tatiana Lyulka's global project, which includes children's city of professions and a business club. All these initiatives will be implemented in Kazakhstan; the project’s representative office has recently opened here. More than 5,000 businessmen are engaged in the project in Ukraine. Many of them are interested in cooperation with Kazakhstan.


 - Kazakhstan is a window to Asia. Therefore there are many Ukrainian companies operating in Kazakhstan. It is a very interesting market, dynamically developing in all spheres, in the field of construction, information technologies.

A well-known South Korean art magazine has had a column about Kazakhstan for six months. Its author, musician Chong Dong Su, has worked in Kazakhstan for several years. He and famous photojournalist Cho Chong Hook decided to tell about Kazakhstan’s sights. "Arts and Culture" section contains articles about the Sharyn canyon, the Kolsai lakes, Assy Plato, Katon-Karagai and the Altyn-Emel national parks. The magazine does not just describe the beauty of these places, but also tells travelers about the best hotels, cafes and restaurants.    


 - South Koreans know that your country is rich in mineral resources. There are many tourist attractions. Kazakhstan can gain recognition through developing tourism sphere. The magazine introduces Kazakhstan to Koreans and they become more interested in it. Famous photographers asked me about Kazakhstan many times. Kazakhstan’s nature astonished them and now they are planning to visit.