I’m from Kazakhstan

Kazakhstani Sergey Bondarenko introduces himself with a line ‘I’m from Kazakhstan’ during his round-the-world trip. He aims not only to visit different countries, but also to tell about his country, its achievements and landscapes. A few days ago, Sergey visited South Korea.


- I tell people abroad that Kazakhstan takes the first place in uranium mining. Our land has all the elements from Mendeleev's periodic table. I tell people that we have such diversity that hundreds of different nationalities live in our country and our young capital Astana entered the Guinness Book of Records as the youngest capital on the planet.

The 23-year-old native of Almaty travels light. He carries a backpack and a Kazakh flag in it.

Sergey has been traveling with his backpack for four years. Back in 2013, he made a decision to travel light around the world. His compatriots overseas are helping him with this. He was donated the backpack with the kit in Kazakhstan, a laptop in Azerbaijan, a smartphone in Cambodia and a digital camera in Russia.


- We have big respect for him for travelling with Kazakhstan’s flag and we applause for this beautiful gesture. People abroad are recognizing Kazakhstan from a good side.

Having visited South Korea, Sergey wants to visit other twelve countries. After he finishes his round-the-world trip, he plans to write a book. Sergey will write about how the state flag and his compatriots abroad helped him throughout his journey.