A large transport hub will appear in western Kazakhstan by 2020

A large transport hub will appear in western Kazakhstan by 2020. Two highways will connect Atyrau with Aktobe and the Russian border. These roads will considerably increase the transit flow.

The Atyrau-Astrakhan will become a modern highway. The road reconstruction project was included in the "Nurly Zhol" program. According to the builders, the new road will allow reaching the Russian border from Atyrau in 3-4 hours. The highway has been divided into sections built by different companies, which have to pass a competitive selection.


 - The 277 kilometers highway is divided into six sections. The design and estimate documentation is ready. Tender procedures are being conducted. We are planning to start construction works in the beginning of 2018, in the spring.

The highway will not only connect Atyrau with Astrakhan. This road will open the transit flow to the highway "Western Europe-Western China".


 - The new road will increase the transit flow from Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan via Astrakhan to the Caucasus, the Black Sea ports and further to Europe.

Investments will amount to 80 billion tenge. One and a half thousand people will be involved in the road construction, asphalt-concrete plants will be launched, and builders will attract local transport companies. The multiplicative effect will increase in the future. Transport and logistics centers will be required to maintain the transit flow, car service centers, gas stations, camping sites, and shops will appear along the road.