Members of the Sacred Kazakhstan expedition visited Petropavlovsk

Kazakhstan’s cultural and geographic relics are the core of the national identity. Through the prism of archaeological heritage, both local residents and tourists can explore Kazakhstan’s history and customs. These are the goals set by the Sacral Geography of Kazakhstan project. Members of the Sacred Kazakhstan expedition, particularly, scientists, researchers and public figures visited Petropavlovsk. A group of researchers plan to tour the region’s entire area, to meet with locals and visit historical sites. Northern Kazakhstan’s 19 facilities entered the sacred map and 4 of them joined the republican project. Abylai Khan's residence, the Karasai and Agyntai Batyr Memorial Complex, the burial site of Kozhabergen zhyrau and the ancient Botay settlement are one of the facilities where archaeological excavations are still underway. After Northern Kazakhstan, the expedition will head to explore other regions.


 - This program’s every points contribute to the revival of traditional consciousness of society which had been formed and functioned for millennia. It is planned to release a five-volume edition on sacred geography. On October 17th in Paris, under the auspices of UNESCO the first volume of "One Hundred Sacred Facilities" will be presented in three languages.

A new mobile application gave Kostanay residents an access to information about all historical monument of the city. The monuments have special plates with the bar code. The application scans the code and gives information about the monument in three languages. The application developers are the club of young entrepreneurs ‘Zhas Atameken’.


 - We developed a mobile application named "our cultural monuments". To date, there are 30 cultural monuments of regional significance. This project will expand to the republican level in the future.

New tourist routes, expeditions to unique sacred places, promotion of ancient historical monuments - all this will help to make the rich culture of Kazakhstan recognizable at the international level and promote Kazakhstan on the world stage.