Chinese city with Kazakh motifs

The Aksai city in China’s Gansu province is full of Kazakh traditional motifs. For example, the bust sculptures of Tole bi, Kazybek bi and Aiteke bi have been installed in the city’s central park. The Kurmangazy Sagyrbaiuly Monument is located in the Center of Culture and Health. The Aksai city was formed in 1954. Today, it is home to over 3,500 ethnic Kazakhs.


- We’ve never undermined our language over Chinese and haven’t lost the connection with our roots. We always prioritize our language. Now we want to convey our heritage to the younger generation in all possible ways.

Aksai is a beautiful and diverse city. Everything is decorated with ornaments starting from street lights to buildings of state institutions. Aksai is known as one of the purest, greenest and cultured cities which also serves as an example of peoples’ friendship.


- There were 2 Chinese mayors, one Uyghur mayor and 12 Kazakh mayors who contributed to the well-being of the city. We have been able to maintain peace and harmony for 63 years. Despite the fact that representatives of 12 different nationalities live in our region, we live in harmony.

Every year, residents of the city conduct large-scale events which reflect cultural traditions. For example, the city once hosted the 9th Asian Championship in Kazakh fight, a literary contest and a poetry competition among three Kazakh regions of China. In addition, the city has three schools where children get the education in two languages.