The tourist potential of Mangystau region was presented in Astana

Tourism can become the leading industry of Kazakhstan’s economy. Tourism development in the regions proves this assumption. The tourist potential of Mangystau region was presented in Astana. The region’s representatives presented the main attractions of the region at a specialized forum. Today, the region has a unique opportunity to develop all kinds of tourism including marine, ethnographic, ecotourism and cultural tourism. The region has unique sacred facilitates like Beket ata, Sholpan ata and Shakpak ata as well as historical sites like Usturt plateau, Karagiye pit, Sharov Valley and the impregnable Sherkala Fortress. Moreover, tourists flow to ancient Kyzyl kala city of Mangystau region which is one of the Great Silk Road cities.


- The number of tourists is increasing. Last year the number of tourists reached 10%, while in the first half of 2017 the number of visitors increased to 21%. These visitors came as tourists. Regarding the domestic tourism, the number of visitors has grown from 21% to 37%. The Caspian Sea attracts a lot of people.

Last year, 900 million tenge was allocated for development of tourism in Mangystau region. These funds were placed into second-tier banks in order to provide loans for entrepreneurs involved in this area. As part of the program, a number of projects have already been approved on the construction of the health and entertainment complex, a restaurant and a hotel as well as sightseeing tours along the sea.