UN Security Council plans to hold three meetings on Syria in October

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is planning to hold three meetings on Syria in October. One of them will precede the beginning of a new round of talks in Geneva. The meeting will be held with the participation of the special envoy of the UN Secretary General, Staffan de Mistura. Another meeting on Syria is scheduled for late October. It will be devoted to the humanitarian situation in the country. Meanwhile, international experts note the success of the Astana process. According to Konstantin Kosachev, chairman of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs, Geneva has become a platform for political de-escalation of the conflict, and Kazakhstan’s capital is finding solutions to the issues of military de-escalation. As the politician highlights, the Astana process will leave mark in the history of international diplomacy as a brilliant example of effective negotiations.


 - The previous five rounds of the Astana talks have already led to the creation of three de-escalation zones, and we hope that it will be possible to agree on the last, fourth zone in the province of Idlib. All the necessary prerequisites have been created for this purpose. The fact that Deir-ez-Zor was released gives hope that, in principle, the civil war in Syria is coming to an end. We came close to the stage when we can seriously talk about launching the process of political reforms on the basis of the UNSC resolution, and of course, Astana's role as a venue for negotiations, conditions that were created by the leadership of Kazakhstan will leave the mark in the history of international politics and diplomacy.