Development of machine-building industry

Machine-building is one of the most important industries of any country’s economy. Kazakhstan’s machine building industry has shown steady growth since the beginning of the year. According to experts, the output of the machine industry in the republic has grown more than 6% over the past seven months. Growth is associated with the launch of new models of cars and railcars, as well as with the exports of goods to neighboring markets, experts say. Over a thousand vehicles have already been exported abroad, in particular, to China and Russia. In addition, Kazakh manufacturers are looking at ways of developing electric cars.


 - As for separate sections of machine-building industry, car manufacturing showed 36.8% growth over the past 8 months of this year. More than 10,000 vehicles have been manufactured. Kazakhstan has manufactured 4.7 more passenger cars than last year. More than 100 projects worth 260 billion tenge have been launched in machine-building industry during the implementation of the industrialization program. More than 11,000 jobs have been created; the industry’s leading companies have been attracted.

Ekibastuz railway cluster enterprises are increasing their production capacities. Wheels and turnouts manufacturing plant is under modernization. It is expected that the equipment modernization will be completed early next year. This will improve the quality of manufactured products and create 400 new jobs. The railway components manufacturing plant is also increasing its capacity. As per the project, it will able to produce up to 32,000 railway axles and 10,000 wheel sets in a year. 


 - We are increasing production volumes. In addition to the fact that we are currently producing axles and wheel sets for freight cars that have long been used in Kazakhstan, we also certify new products for innovative freight cars with an axle load of 25 tonnes. These are the new cars; I think that we will begin production of this product this year.

A machine-building cluster is also being created in Petropavlovsk. The Memorandum on the implementation of the project was signed at the 3rd meeting of the regional council on attracting investors.


 - Our project is an industrial machine-building zone. We will produce equipment in Petropavlovsk, create a training center and build dormitories for workers. We are planning to implement the first stage of the project in two years. Up to a thousand jobs will be created then, mainly for Kazakhstan citizens. We are hoping for support. The northern region is suitable for us, there are many industrial enterprises and well developed logistics.

Creation of favorable conditions for new industries, introduction of innovations, flow of investments, the opening of new markets - all this indicates new prospects for the development of Kazakhstan’s machine building industry. Promotion of the industry at the international level will contribute to increasing the global competitiveness of Kazakhstan.