Sacred places of Kazakhstan: Burhan-Bulak waterfall

108 projects will be implemented in the Almaty region as part of the Modernization of Public Consciousness program. The projects include research, scientific and practical conferences, forums as well as expeditions to sacral and historical places of the region. One of the projects is a trip to the highest waterfall of the Central Asia, Burkhan Bulak. The first such trip was tested by a delegation made of students, bloggers, journalists and governor’s office spokespeople.

During the seven-hour journey, the expedition members traveled across a stone plateau, steep slopes of serpentine and the gorge of the Kora River.

The waterfall is located at an altitude of more than 2000 metres above sea level. The height of waterfall is approximately 120 meters. The Burkhan Bulak River is the right influx of the Kora River and originates from sea lakes sources of southern slopes of the northern ridge of the Dzungarian Alatau. Running through the plateau, the river breaks off the cliff and a myriad of drops splits against the rocks. This miracle of nature bears an ancient legend.


- In ancient times there was a woman who had a single son. His name was Burkhan. His mother wanted him to choose a good woman. However, Burkhan fell in love with Kora, a proud and self-willed beautiful woman from a wealthy family. Then the mother decided to separate Burkhan and Kora and built a large castle in the rocks. She imprisoned her son Burkhan in the castle. But his love was very strong so he destroyed the fetters, freed from the prison and reunited with beautiful Kora. Since then they weren’t separated.


- There are a lot of places which are similar to each other and they have some cosmic landscapes.We need to develop domestic tourism. First, it is a profitable income. Secondly, it is cultivation of patriotism and a sporting lifestyle.

A lot of legends are related to this beautiful place. One of them is about the sacred stone, auliye tas. According to the ancient legend, during earthquake, the stone fell from a great height by destroying everything in its way down. By magic, the stone stopped to fall right half a meter from a 1-year-old girl, showing its mercy to the child.


- Our main goal is to draw the modern youth away from gadgets. Young people can visit these native lands. They can learn thoroughly not only tourism, but also holy places, legends and myths. Therefore, they are inspirited to value, respect and preserve the places.

The travelers organized a linguistic camp next to the waterfall. They took master classes from the country's leading bloggers. According to the expedition’s conductors, many unique places in the Zhetysu region are still on the way ahead, which will be shown to the guests of such trips.