Innovations in Kazakhstan’s agricultural sector

The world’s most innovative technologies and practices will be introduced in Kazakhstan’s agricultural sector. The Ministry of Agriculture selected 66 promising projects from 15 countries. These developments were presented in the national and international EXPO 2017 pavilions, as well as in the Zone of Best Practices. Specialists are particularly interested in the Finnish and Austrian solutions, which effectively heat and cool the air in the livestock complexes. Rational water use developments of Turkmenistan and Belarus attracted attention as well. Foreign exhibitors presented various types of agricultural machinery, equipment and much more. Hungary presented a unique corn type that can be grown in Kazakhstan.


 - At EXPO 2017, we found all types of promising technologies that can be applied in different sectors of agriculture. We have created the "Center for Transfer and Commercialization of Agricultural Technologies". Our laboratories and agrarian universities are now engaged in a detailed study of these technologies. They assess how these technologies can be applied in Kazakhstan and estimate the economic effect from the introduction of these technologies.

Kazakh scientists are interested in the effective use of wind and solar energy in agriculture. Some innovations presented at EXPO are successfully used in Kazakhstan. For example, the fifth-generation greenhouse technology, presented by the Netherlands, was used in Aktobe region. The greenhouse was equipped with a crop biosecurity system that avoids the application of pesticides. Only a few countries are using such technology.


 - Kazagro Holding participates in the introduction of new green technologies in the production of agricultural products. A separate program for financing wind generators and solar batteries was adopted in 2013. The first two projects were financed on the eve of EXPO in the West Kazakhstan and Aktobe regions. They showed the consistency and served as a demonstration platform for other farmers.

Astana EXPO 2017 has made a positive contribution to the development of modern agro-technologies and the transfer of best practices. Kazakhstan’s scientific institutes have already started a detailed study of the innovative solutions.