"Tugan Zher" Republican Forum is being held in Aktobe

"Tugan Zher" Republican Forum is being held in Aktobe. Its main mission is to involve the natives who have achieved success in the social and economic development of their homeland. Almost 300 prominent representatives of business, culture, education, healthcare and sports born in Aktobe came from 20 countries to participate in the forum.


 - We have created a website which has the list of all prominent residents of Aktobe region. The main aim of the forum is to appeal to patriotic feelings, increase the social responsibility of business, create a mechanism for partnership between the public and private sectors and create conditions for the socio-economic development of the region.

One of the forum participants is the famous Russian writer Raul Mir-Khaidarov, the author of more than 30 books. He was born in the Martuk district of Aktobe region. His name is listed in the encyclopedias of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Tatarstan. The writer became popular after publishing a series of novels named "Black Nobility". They were republished 20 times and translated into many languages. The district’s local history museum opened a hall devoted to the works of Raul Mirsaidovich. The writer replenishes the fund himself. He brings unique exhibits every year. This time he handed over antiques and latest photographs. He has been actively replenishing the funds of the regional museum for 20 years.


 - There are about 300 exhibits in our museum: personal things, eight photo albums, pictures from his private collection, antiques, books, and magazines. Visitors can learn about the writer’s works, biography and read the books of Raul Mirsaidovich Mir-Khaidarov.

Raul Mir-Khaidarov is the owner of one of the largest private collections of modern art in Russia. That is why this room in the rural museum resembles a gallery.


 - I presented more than 50 paintings to the local history museum. I had to renovate the hall, purchase new furniture and put them in the frame. When patronage was poorly developed, I have done everything I could.

In his 75, Raul Mir-Khaidarov writes and travels a lot. He often publishes stories about his travels. The writer was happy to take part in the forum of fellow countrymen. He says he will write a new novel about his trip to the homeland.