"The Great Kazakh Steppe in the Documentary Heritage of the Omsk Region"

The Russian Empire's historical archive exhibition has opened as part of EXPO 2017. It is named "The Great Kazakh Steppe in the Documentary Heritage of the Omsk Region". Unique materials about the relations of the Emperial Russia with the 'last warrior of the steppe' Khan of the Middle zhuz, Kenesary Kassymov are presented to the public for the first time. The exposition also features personal documents of Alikhan Bukeikhanov, Shokan Valikhanov, Saken Seifullin and other historical figures. In addition, the exhibition includes research on history of the territories adjacent to the Omsk region and Kazakhstan. In particular, they describe the transformation of the steppe life in the 19th century, during the First World War, during the formation of the Soviet power, political repression and the World War II.



 -  We are exhibiting historical documents of the Soviet time about the prominent figures of the Kazakh people, about the repressed chairman of the collective farm. These documents reflect all the dramatic milestones of our history. Historians, researchers and archivists know that we have not brought everything; it is only a small grain in a huge shaft. We simply wanted to spark interest, show that the study of the history of Kazakhstan is impossible without documents from the Omsk historical archive.


There are also documents on submission of exhibits for the All-Russia Art and Industrial Exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod in 1896 and for the St. Petersburg International Costume Exhibition in 1902 by Akmola, Dzhezkazgan, Kokchetav and Semipalatinsk districts. Unique historical materials will be exhibited in the State Archives of Astana until the end of July.