Foreign experts note Kazakhstan’s investment attractiveness

Foreign experts note Kazakhstan’s investment attractiveness

Kazakhstan has vast opportunities for successful growth, the chief financial officer of Eurasian Financial Group Paul Eggleton says. He also told about the Dutch Company’s experience in Kazakhstan noting that Kazakhstan has created favorable conditions for foreign investors.


Personally my experience in Kazakhstan as an English finance professional, I have been working for the group of very talented workforce, there is a huge source of raw materials and access to the most important markets in the world. The needs of Kazakhstan are to develop its economy to enhance its production capability to additional layers of complexity and foreign investors can get good returns by bringing new technology businesses into the country that can grow and access those markets of China, Russia and the rest of Eurasia. Kazakhstan is a fantastic environment to work in.

Lords of the United Kingdom believe that independent Kazakhstan’s plans will be successfully implemented and will help to ensure that by 2050 Kazakhstan will be among the 30 developed countries of the world.


I think you are a good example as a country. You have a total population of 17 million people and I think 25% of the people in Kazakhstan are Russians. 65% are Kazakhs. Then people don’t realize there is a half a million Germans living in Kazakhstan.  You are a living example of how people live in harmony.

Kazakhstan’s economy has grown by more than 20 times over 25 years. Italian MP Daniel Alfreider says that President Nazarbayev is a talented visionary. Kazakh President’s acumen and people’s trust in his leadership have made Kazakhstan’s economic growth possible.


From my point of view, Kazakhstan’s success lies in its long-term projects. I know about them, and they are designed for decades. It takes years to get results in the economy. They need time to mature. Continuous and consistent movement toward the goal is the main condition for development. I always say this, and your country's example proves this again.