Kazakhstan to export armored personnel carriers to Middle East

Kazakhstan to export armored personnel carriers to Middle East

Kazakhstan will increase the export of its military equipment. A unique armored personnel carrier Barys and the multi-purpose armored wheeled vehicle Arlan that are manufactured in Astana are raising interest among the military officials of the Middle East and the African continent. Previously, Kazakhstan agreed to supply of 50 Arlan vehicles to Jordan, currently the country is negotiating with Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and several other countries.


Multi-purpose Arlan was originated in South Africa. But the Kazakh version of the vehicle was thoroughly and constructively redesigned to meet the needs of the domestic army and surpasses the characteristics of the original model. Another armored vehicle Barys with a wheelbase of 8 by 8 has become a breakthrough at the KADEX-2016 and Army 2016 fairs. Only a few countries in the modern defense industry can manufacture the vehicles in this class. The demand for Kazakh military vehicle by 2017 is expected to hit records high.



Our vehicles meet all the requirements, required by NATO, which is represented in the Russian industry and Kazakh armed forces. That is, the vehicles meet the latest requirements.


Only, in a year the enterprise supplied more than 100 modern, armored vehicles to the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan.