Best start-ups of young scientists and developers selected in Astana

Best start-ups of young scientists and developers selected in Astana

The startups of young scientists and inventors gain momentum in Astana. The projects encompass the most prioritized spheres: social innovations, education and IT technologies, biomedicine, infrastructure and robotics. Any Kazakhstan citizen ready to propose an interesting and most importantly socially beneficial idea was encouraged to participate. There were over 130 applicants and only 10 projects will reach the final. The winners will be trained at the Nazarbayev University’s Technological Park during 12 weeks. In addition, the selected teams will receive financial support worth 3.5 million tenge.



This is how we try to speed up the process of projects development. We provide an extensive analysis for each project: which development direction to choose? Which markets to position? What should be the value of the product? To do everything in a way that investors had no doubt that the project is worth their investment.



We want to provide all children with upper limb hypoplasia with hand prosthesis until they reach the age of 18 years old. It is made from plastic. We print it on 3D printer. This is a usual mechanical prosthesis, when you bend a wrist fingers bend too and you have a grip. There are many expensive prostheses in the market but they are not good for our children because they need to be changed. It is this sort of prosthesis that is ideal for children.