New attraction in Atyrau

A new “Retro Park” in Atyrau has become a landmark site of the city. Constructed by philanthropists as part of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program, the park immediately turned into one of the most popular sites among the city residents and visitors. The new recreational area on the Ural River bank is designed in a classic style of the 50s.   


- I visit the park whenever I have time. I can relax and feel at peace here. I like this place and I also like that there is a library in this park. The river bank is also not far from here. 

The 3.5 hectare park offers a place of relaxation for the adults who want to take a break from the busy urban life and children also have ample space to play. There are amphitheater, exhibition pavilion, musical and light fountains as well as artificial ponds and a café in the park. Video surveillance and radio broadcast also operates at the park.  


- In summer, we are planning to hold many cultural events here to mark various dates. We are planning to hold exhibitions of retro-cars, ancient books and antique items. All the events will match the theme and the overall style of the Retro Park.       

The park’s management also plans to hold retro music events in the evenings. A bronze statue of the legendary band, Dos Mukassan who attended the park’s opening was erected here. Visitors of the park will also be able to take part in the traditional games events.