Upbringing and education

Patriotism starts with love for the native land. The ethnographic museums give the opportunity to learn about history of the homeland. The museums will be opened at educational institutions of Northern Kazakhstan. There are already 200 working museums. The oldest museum is located at the Sokolovskaya School. Natalya Og –ne -vaya’s father opened it 45 years ago. Victor Akimovich collected a unique exhibition until he became too old. Schoolchildren willingly helped him to collect the exhibits. Today, his daughter Natalya continues his work. The head of the museum knows the history behind each exhibit.


 - People brought to our museum everything that was stored in their barns and attics. Up to date, the museum receives exhibits that were found in gardens while digging. Often kids bring coins and medals, they understand that they can’t throw them away and instead, they know that the exhibits should be kept in in the museum.

Nearly 4,000 exhibits are stored in four exposition halls. Most of them are icons, samovars and millstones once used by the inhabitants of Sokolovka. Many of the exhibits are truly rarities of the past centuries. The schoolchildren of the entire district often visit the exposition. They come to the museum to study the history of the region.


 - Of course, it is very interesting. We can learn the history of our village and country. What I learned here, I tell about it to my friends, close people and students of the school. I like the museum. I spend a lot of time in the museum. It’s important to know the history of my land. It's my duty.

Representatives of the South Kazakhstan region are interested in developing the museum business, too. Teacher of History at the school in the Suzak district Makha-zhan Ospanov established a museum of local history. The collection has more than 1700 exhibits. Even foreign visitors come to see the unique relics. According to the teacher, the museum is designed for children so they can study the history and culture of their native land in an interactive way.


 - Our land is historical. We must know this. We must know the history of our people, region and country. Everything is collected for this. There are many exhibits that should be collected. We will expand our museum.

Until the end of the year, as part of the state Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program, the museums will be opened in all schools in the country.