350th birth anniversary of Bukhar Zhyrau

This year marks the 350th birth anniversary of the legendary Kazakh philosopher Bukhar zhyrau Kalkamanuly. He served to nine khans during his lifetime. He was chief adviser to Abylai Khan for many years. Bukhar zhyrau took part in the compilation of Taukehan khan’s set of laws ‘Zheti Zhargy.’ Bukhar zhyrau was also a poet, nearly 1,200 of his poetry lines have reached our days through oral literature. Many manuscripts about Bukhar zhyrau’s legacy are kept in China. Kazakh scientists and hsitorians are planning a series of events celebrating Bukhar zhyrau’s musical, philosophical heritage. Conferences and research projects will be devoted to Zhyrau’s creative and public life. A new research collection was published as part of the first conference held in Zhezkazgan. The next celebration of birth anniversary of the 16th century public figure will be held in the Karagandy region.


 - Bukhar zhyrau’s every word can be considered as today's concept of governing the country. Advice on domestic and foreign policy of modern Kazakhstan can also be found here. We have to take care of our people and land. This is the main philosophical idea of Bukhar zhyrau which we haven’t learned yet.

Bukhar zhyrau was buried in the picturesque tract of the Sadyk hills in the Karagandy region. A mausoleum was erected at the burial site and a museum was opened. A 20-minute film and short videos will be shot for the jubilee of the Kazakh akyn improviser.