Modernization of Kazakhstan’s identity

Mangystau region is a sacred land. It is a unique region with priceless historic and cultural heritage. The burial sites of over 300 prominent figures are located here. A new book on the rich history of the region is published as part of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program. The book is presented in four languages: Kazakh, Russian, English and Chinese.   


 - A lot of foreign tourists visit our region. Last year 270 people arrived from seven countries. Neither of them visited seaside, because they were eager to visit our cultural and spiritual sites. They explored the sacral sites of Mangystau region in ten days. The young generation should be proud of our history and know the sacral sites of Kazakhstan.  

Prominent public figure and writer Abish Kekilbayev called Mangystau an open-air museum. It was suggested for TURKSOY to mark the 80th anniversary of the author’s birth next year as a common event for all the Turkic countries. There are also plans to open a special center in the writer’s hometown. There are Abishtanu lessons in the region’s secondary schools and classrooms in fifteen educational institutions of the region named after Abish Kekilbayev.  


 - Our classroom was opened as part of President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program. School students will be able to develop their creative skills here. In this classroom, young people will learn a lot of new things and develop leadership skills as well. 


 - The opening of a new classroom is a very good initiative. Looking at these pictures, people can learn about Abish Kekilbayev’s meetings, interactions and friends. I am very pleased that a lot of school students visit this classroom. I want children to keep their passion for knowledge and learning new things.

Using a mobile application, people can learn the history behind every photograph presented at the stand. School students can also use the electronic library services and read Abish Kekilbayev’s works using smartphones.