The museums network in Kazakhstan is expanding

The museums network in Kazakhstan is expanding

The museums network in Kazakhstan is expanding. New museum facilities will be opened in almost every district of the regions where visitors can explore the local history. One of such museums is located in a school building of Zharkayin district of Akmola region. Museum items related to the district history and its famous residents are well preserved by the museum staff. The aim is to spark interest in young people to the history and culture of the Kazakhs.


 - There are many villages with interesting and rich history in Zharkayin district. We plan to organize archeological trips to Tasotkel and Dalabay villages in the summer for our school students to learn about their history and to collect materials and exhibits for the museum as well.

There are seven local history museums in Akmola region and 34 community centers with an extensive collection of documents and exhibits. Despite the fact that they don’t have a legal status, they can play an important role in establishment of the new museums. 


 - We have identified facilities where the museums will be located. All our exhibits are currently presented in community museums. We cooperate with community museums members who preserve the local history, they are our allies. Thanks to the Modernization of Public Consciousness program, we will have a network of museums in the future.

There is a growing interest among children in the history of the region and archeology in the recent times. Kokshetau State University’s Local History Center amplifies their eagerness to learn the regional history. School children can hold discussions with scientists learn about their works and researches and study archeological findings.