“New Humanitarian Education” project may be revolutionary for Kazakhstan

“New Humanitarian Education” project may be revolutionary for Kazakhstan, experts believe. Head of Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies Zarema Shaukenova says that translation of the world’s 100 leading textbooks into Kazakh will play a significant role in creating a strong identity for the young country. As part of the project, local linguists will translate the best scientific works by American, Russian, French, British, Swiss authors into the Kazakh language.


- All these textbooks are very popular around the world. Students in the world’s leading universities study these textbooks. This will be a big leap in Kazakhstan’s humanitarian education. Great work has been done in just 10 months. These textbooks will be included in the university programs this year; they will be integrated, posted online and used by students. The future is formed in classrooms. It is very important to give non-dogmatic knowledge to the young people so that they have broad-minded perspectives. Because of the three-language policy in Kazakhstan, many young people have the opportunity to read these textbooks in the original language, but introduction of these textbooks to the Kazakh-speaking readers is important. They will grow up to become the future of Kazakhstan. This is a very important step undertaken by the Kazakh government.