Translation of 100 textbooks into Kazakh will enrich country’s scientific literature fund

Translation of 100 textbooks on humanities and social sciences into Kazakh is a valuable contribution to the country’s scientific literature fund. According to doctor of political science Mukhtar Sengirbai, the “New Humanitarian Education" project will give impetus to the intellectual development of the nation.


- A group of interpreters translated the book titled "Essentials of Sociology", which had never been translated into Russian and Kazakh. There were a lot of terminologies that had not been translated. We either tried to find the most suitable words when translating or stuck to the original word in English. These textbooks will be very useful for Kazakh speaking students, for university groups studying in Kazakh, and, possibly, not only for university students, but also for school students and people at large. Each of the textbooks is a significant work in each particular area. As the president said, previously, students didn’t have an opportunity to read such fundamental works in Kazakh and this is a good opportunity. It will promote both education and sciences in general.   

This month, 10,000 copies of textbooks will be published and later distributed in Kazakhstan’s universities. 30 more textbooks are planned to be translated this year. President Nazarbayev also instructed the government to consider their translation into Russian as well. He pointed out that it will comply with Kazakhstan’s three-language policy.