Altyn-Emel memorial complex staff to open the Travelers’ center

Altyn-Emel memorial complex is among the “100 Sacral Sites of Kazakhstan”. The complex is a treasured heritage of the famous Kazakh ethnographer Shokan Ualikhanov. A unique architectural monument was founded in 1985 to mark the 150th anniversary of the great traveler. The memorial’s interior has the form of a Kazakh traditional yurt, and its facade looks like an open book. Shokan Ualikhanov’s personal belongings, charts, maps and manuscripts are presented in the memorial. The exposition is made up of the exhibits collected from the museums and archives of Moscow, Almaty and Saint Petersburg. There is a hand-woven tapestry hanging at the entrance to the complex that reproduces Shokan Ualikhanov’s famous travel routes.


- Journalists of a Russian TV channel shot a program in the memorial. Swedish researchers also recently visited the complex. There are many travelers from Japan and Europe. Almost three thousand guests visit our memorial complex a year.

Writers, scientists and geographers frequently visit the Altyn-Emel memorial. A hotel complex will be repaired to provide accommodations for travelers and researchers who conduct researches and study distinctive features of the region.


- We are planning to establish a Travelers’ Center in this building, where a research department, a library, archive and a hotel will be located. I think, we will get support from the local government.

Shokan Ualikhanov’s Memorial was reconstructed and the grave complex was renovated in 2013. Now, the memorial complex staff is planning to open the Travelers’ center.