First 18 books translated into Kazakh were presented in Astana

First eighteen books translated into Kazakh were presented in Astana as part of the “100 New Textbooks in Kazakh”. The event marked one year since the launch of the Ruhani Zhangyru program aimed at modernization of Kazakhstan’s identity. President Nursultan Nazarbayev proposed the program on April 12, 2017, announcing the idea of translating the world’s best educational books into Kazakh. The presented books are mainly related to philosophy, sociology, psychology, economics, management, linguistics, anthropology and journalism. 16 books have been translated from English, one from French and one from Russian. Translation of thirty more books will be published this year. At the presentation, President Nazarbayev noted that the “100 New Textbooks” project is a new step on the way to a cultural renewal.


- This is the first intellectual tranche which includes the best research projects of the developed countries such as the United States of America, Russia, the United Kingdom, France and Switzerland. We translated the best works of the human mind into Kazakh for the first time. We had learned a lot about the world culture, history and science through the Russian language. We had benefited from it. However, this is the first time when we translated textbooks from their original language.

The head of the National Translations Bureau reported to President Nursultan Nazarbayev on details of the translation. According to Rauan Kenzhekhanuly, in the process, the Kazakh language was enriched with three thousand new terms. Country’s leading linguists, editors and scientists were involved in the translation and editing of the books.


- We received more than 800 proposals on the most relevant textbooks. A special group developed selection requirements: the course books had to be used in 100 universities across the world. They had to have at least three editions. The content had to be up to date and interactive. The first 18 textbooks include philosophy, journalism, economics, sociology and etc. These books are published in 34 languages and in 42 different countries. Their total circulation is 42 million copies.