“Yesset Batyr Kokiuly” complex was added to list of “Sacred Kazakhstan” project

A unique historic facility, “Yesset Batyr Kokiuly” memorial complex in Aktobe region was added to the list of the “Sacred Kazakhstan” project. Abylkhair Khan’s military commander and the Small Horde’s noble figure, Yesset Batyr is buried in the Yesset-Tama necropolis dating back to the 18th-19th centuries. He was a skillful military commander who courageously defended the Kazakh lands against Dzungar and Kalmyk invasions. As part of the Modernization of Public Consciousness program, thousands of school students will visit the historic facility.   


- At the age of 23, he led an army of 200-250 warriors, and at the age of 43 he was the commander of the Western region’s army. His heroic acts are legendary. Yesset Batyr was strong and brave.  

According to historians, Yesset was different from other children from a very young age. He was special and had a gift of premonition. For his outstanding military service, Yesset became one of the two holders of the high “Tarkhan” military rank. Yesset Batyr was also called “aulie” which means a saint. Tourists from all over the country and from abroad arrive at the burial site of the great commander to pay him tribute. Up to 10,000-12,000 people visit the memorial a year. Experts say that the historical monument is especially valuable for the younger generation.     


- Our younger generation must know the history of Kazakhstan and who Yesset Batyr was. We need to tell them more about such historical figures to instill patriotism in them. Every year, school students and graduates visit the memorial. Young people are frequent visitors here. This year, 70 school students already visited the memorial complex as part of the “Happy Childhood” campaign. We expect more school students to come and learn about Yesset Batyr.   

To mark the 350th anniversary of the Great Kazakh batyr’s birth, an 11.5 meters tall monument to Yesset Batyr was erected along the “Aktobe-Astrakhan” international high road. The monument is located in front of a high hill on the right bank of Ilek River, at the burial site of Yesset Batyr, the commander who led the army of the Small Horde in the famous Anyrakay battle.