Kazakhs studying in the UK, began to study the Kazakh language in the Latin script

Kazakhs studying in the UK, began to study the Kazakh language in the Latin script. For this purpose, an office was set at the Embassy of Kazakhstan in London, where special free lectures are organized. People come to study Kazakh in the new alphabet. Participants of the club are Kazakh students, members of the Kazakh diaspora as well as foreigners.


 - We want to widely distribute our new Latin alphabet in Britain. This is why I organized these lessons.  I hope in the near future this will be useful and many people will start writing in the Latin alphabet.

Classes are organized in a playful and relaxed environment. Various video lessons and handouts are used. Lectures cover a comprehensive study of the Kazakh values. For example, the Kazakh national musical instruments were one of the topics of lectures. Participants learned a lot about the dombyra, kobyz, zhetigen and other instruments. They learned how to write the names of the instruments by using the new Latin alphabet.


 - This is a good opportunity for Kazakhs to be up to date about news in the country. Kazakhs can watch news about important events happening in lives of our fellow countrymen. Today's meeting was very successful. Everyone could give their opinion on the news.

Foreigners are members of the club, too. Charisma Zhavet came here to learn about the Kazakh culture. She said that with the transition to the Latin alphabet, it has become more convenient to learn about the Kazakh culture. According to Charisma Zhavet, the new Kazakh alphabet is easy to access and convenient to use.


-  Just for the people who don’t understand the language it is easy to understand the culture more.

In the future organizers of lectures plan to attract as many participants as possible.