Modernization of Public Consciousness: 431 projects will be implemented in the Karagandy region

As part of the Modernization of Public Consciousness program, 431 projects will be implemented in the Karagandy region. Almost half of them are social business initiatives. 12.5 billion tenge will be allocated in order to implement the program in the next 5 years. Experts of the republican council considered a number of applications. Most of the projects are aimed at building sports facilities and landscaping.


- The landscaping theme is the most convenient, effective and closest one to people. We want to make the living areas more beautiful, interesting and creative. We are planning 280 projects which means that there will be nearly 10,000 events.

The focus will be on projects of restoring the cultural and historical sites in the region, which is rich in monuments and places related to the history of Kazakhstan and outstanding historical figures. 4 billion tenge was allocated to implement the Modernization of Public Consciousness project in the Akmola region until 2020. Last year, 97 projects were submitted, another 55 projects are at the development stage. Literary clubs and recreation centers have been built in the region. A lot of work has been done to study the holy facilities and the revival of the forgotten names.  


 - 55 projects will be implemented. This year, one of the projects is production of the Birzhan-Sara Opera in the Burabai district. We are preparing the performance with Astana Opera which provides methodological and consulting assistance. Next is the literary ‘Zhastulpar’ project. It unites young poets not only of the Akmola region, but of Saryarka, Kostanai, Northern Kazakhstan and Pavlodar. The literary club organizes creative evenings for the young poets so they can exchange ideas. Last year, with the help of sponsors, We published the first collection of poems.