Child prodigy Abzal Myrzash and composer Rakhat-Bi Abdysagin

“100 new faces of Kazakhstan” is a grand-scale project. It features talented and outstanding people. A young child prodigy Abzal Myrzash is in this list.

Abzal Myrzash graduated from school in 7 years. Now the 12-year old boy is a student of the Kazakh-British Technical University. It took him 3 hours to create a converter for translating Kazakh texts from Cyrillic to the Latin alphabet. The program allows to promptly adapting texts in big volumes – 13 books per second. Abzal has created two alternative projects. One is for users and the other is for an instantaneous translation of texts.


- At the beginning, I taught him to count to one hundred, then to one trillion. His mother also got interested and involved in his education. When he was about three years old he started reading newspapers and magazines fluently and when he was three he was adding double and triple digits. At 4 years old he learnt the multiplication table.


- I study to be an IT specialist and of course I spent significant amount of time on learning various programming software.

Now Abzal plans to patent his invention. It is now under the review at the Kazakh Ministry of Education and Science.

Our next hero is a musical genius. He is only 19, but he is the author of over one hundred musical compositions. He is the first and only musician to be admitted as a doctoral student at the National Academy of Santa Cecilia in Rome at the age of 18 years. Rakhat-Bi Abdysagin’s compositions are performed by symphony orchestras in Europe, Asia and America. Rakhat-Bi was the winner among thousands of contenders and became one of the “100 new faces of Kazakhstan.”


- First of all, I can say that this project is unprecedented in the whole world. And it is an incredible impetus, because we know that the Universe is expanding at an accelerated pace. The mankind also moves and develops at a massive accelerated pace. It can be observed in the last 30 years. Just like the whole planet, our country is a great example of the accelerated development. The same happens with music and any other art. In its development it reflects the key milestones and evolutionary changes in the development of the mankind.    

Being listed in the project is a recognition of great achievements. Everyone in the “100 new faces of Kazakhstan” list is gradually re-writing the history of the young independent country with their success stories.