"Transition of the Kazakh language to the Latin script is a historic decision"

According to chairman of Writers' Union of Uzbekistan, Mukhammad-Ali Akhmedov, in the modern world, Latin is associated with new technologies and progress and transition of the Kazakh language to the Latin script is a historic decision. The chairman of the organization highlighted that similarity of alphabets of the Kazakh and Uzbek languages will lead to further cooperation between nations and will become the basis for development of the Central Asian literature. First of all, this is connection and integrity of the Turkic-speaking people.


 - When they begin to reprint Kazakh books in Latin, we could read them without translation. You could read our books. This is a special step that promotes the cultural rapprochement of people.

The language reform will make it possible to read the works of Abai and Navoi, written in Latin without translation. Moreover, it will give opportunities to continue creativity which is laid out by Mukhtar Auezov, Abdullah Kadyri and Sabit Mukanov. As part of the Year of Uzbekistan in Kazakhstan, writers will translate anthology of Eastern poets into Kazakh and next year, the anthology of Kazakh poetry will be translated into Uzbek.


 - The Turkic languages belong to one language group, so the languages are similar. Now they will not be very different in terms of writing. The alphabet of the Karakalpak language in the Latin script is very similar to the approved Kazakh alphabet.  I recently got acquainted with the Kazakh alphabet. This means people will understand each other, read literature and history. I believe that this is a historic decision.