US linguists spoke about positive aspects of transition to the Latin script

Professors from the Framingham State University in the US spoke about the positive aspects of the transition to the Latin script. They said that the new version of the alphabet is fairly simple and understandable. The linguists spoke about this at an international scientific and practical conference held in Taraz. Participants of the meeting claimed that the positive result of language reform is a matter of time.


 - Kazakh alphabet is being changed from Cyrillic to Latin. It is going to be a great challenge for the Kazakh people. However, I believe it is a step forwards to the future in modernizing the language. The conference here today was a wonderful glimpse into the future.

Experts believe that the transition to the Latin script will allow Kazakhstan to enter the world’s 30 developed countries, strengthen the national consciousness and expanding the opportunities for obtaining new knowledge.


 - The transition to the Latin script requires to carefully studying the new alphabet, its spelling and etc. The Kazakh linguists are engaged in the search for a scientific justification of the new rules as well as development of a methodology.

Scientists and teachers of the Taraz State Pedagogical University are studying the Latin script. According to monitoring, the older generation is more concerned about the transition to the new alphabet. The linguists believe that the new alphabet will strengthen the historical, spiritual and cultural relations with other states.