Scientists discovered the 16 new monuments in the Mangystau region

Scientists discovered the 16 new monuments in the Mangystau region. These are the results of scientific expeditions. There are 14 architectural monuments and 2 archaeological facilities in total. For example, there are necropolis and mounds. Experts refer, the findings presumably, to the early Iron Age. The facilities found during the expeditions by the staff of the historical and cultural reserve of the Mangystau region as part of the Modernization of Public Consciousness program will be thoroughly investigated in the future. In total, the 590 historical and cultural monuments are registered in the region. 20 of them have the status of republican significance. Every exhibit keeps the story about our ancestors. The researchers said that the Mangystau region can be called the open air archaeological reserve. Every year the registers of historical finds are replenished with new exhibits. There is a lot of work to do in 2018.


 - In May, a large and complex ethno-archaeological expedition is planned. Local historians and archaeologists will take part in it. The purpose of the expedition is the study of historical monuments of the Mangystau region. In order to popularize these exhibits, a film will be created following the results of the research.