The "Sacral Geography of Kazakhstan" exhibition has been opened in Almaty

The "Sacral Geography of Kazakhstan" exhibition has been opened in Almaty where rare city and regional landscape photographs and paintings are presented. The organizers of the exposition offer to get acquainted with the history and culture of their native land. The particular interests are the Lake Kaindy, the Charyn Canyon, the Tamgaly tas as well as the Sak burial mounds and medieval mausoleums. Objects of house ware were found in the result of archaeological excavations. Visitors of the museum will be able to see other rooms dedicated to origins of the Kazakh statehood, development of culture and art, and even the history of mountaineering. The museum has over 40,000 exhibits.


- The sun-headed deities are located in the  Issyk mound, the Berkalin burial mounds, then Tamgalinsky. This is the neighborhood of Almaty which are holy. Many monuments are now disappearing, especially natural monuments disappear. The goal is to save and pass it over ...

Personal belongings of Shakarim Kudaiberdyuly were presented in Semey for the first time. For of the 160th anniversary of the famous Kazakh philosopher, the exhibition was opened at the Abai Museum-Reserve, which features over 100 exhibits. Some of them are transferred by the grand-nephew of the thinker and poet. A special place in the exposition is occupied by a snuffbox, made more than a century ago from the horn of an animal. The philosopher’s cigarette case of the 19th century has been well preserved to the present day.


 - The tobacco box is very well preserved. It is obvious that the tobacco box was used for its purpose. Inside we can see the remains of tobacco. Many thanks to the Azimbayev family for the valuable exhibits and safely storing them. We believe that the exhibit got in the 160th anniversary of Shakarim is a good sign.