Modernization of Public Consciousness: results of the last year

In Astana the National Commission on the implementation of the Modernization of Public Consciousness program summed up the main results of the last year. This is under the personal control of President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev.


- Concrete results were achieved in all directions of the Modernization of Public Consciousness program. We have plans for the future. The results of 2017 show the need to strengthen certain accomplishments. The first need is to pay attention to advocacy. First of all, the project office does the coordinating role which is the most important role of governors of the regions. I ask them to take this work under the special control. It is also necessary to use the potential of universities in order to strengthen work in social media. 

The importance of improving the quality of teaching in the Kazakh speaking schools was discussed at the meeting of the commission. Today, the world’s 100 best teaching aids have been translated into Kazakh, the 20 of which have already been identified. This will open new horizons for students. Knowledge of the entire planet will be available to every Kazakh.


They were selected during several meetings of this working group. The larger discussion was conducted. All teachers and universities had the opportunity to give their suggestions. The graduates of the Bolashak scholarship were very actively involved because these are the people who studied at the world’s best universities.

Outreach is of very importance. Moreover, the monuments of culture and history are significant, too. The access to information leads to the increase of people willing to visit the holy sites. The scientific and expert council is working on the project titled the ‘Map of Holy Places of Kazakhstan.’ The virtual map with 3D tours was developed.


Particularly the work was conducted in the regions with the participation of local ethnographers, public and scientists. We have 100 holy complexes, 185 specific holy facilities of national significance and 456 facilities of regional significance. The work on analysis is underway. The list is indeterminate. Studies will be conducted. Most importantly, we collect legends. Why are these places holy? Why do people see these places as holy? It is important to us.

The ‘Modern Kazakhstan culture in the global world’ project is aimed at attracting foreigners to the country and revealing the potential. The presentation of the Modernization of Public Consciousness program took place last year at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris. The audience of the US and Italy was able to enjoy the domestic cinema. There were seven films of domestic production. The 20 international tours and exhibitions with participation of theaters, museums and musical collectives were conducted. In addition, more information should be available about the country on the Internet. Last year, the Dala-tunes website of the domestic music was launched. Digitization of museum archives is conducted, which will become available online. In 2017, the country found its heroes. ‘100 New Faces’ are people who can lead by example.

Businessmen and politicians can support their homeland by participating in the Tugan Zher project. The money from sponsorship will be used in the construction and modernization of houses and social facilities.


During these years of independence Kazakhstan conducted economic and political reforms. The modernization of public consciousness lacked, because for many years the consciousness of citizens stayed with the Soviet ideology. In this case a very important thing is the knowledge of history and deep roots.

The Modernization of Public Consciousness program in Kazakhstan has become a symbol of the Kazakh nation. The nation of the new form which confidently steps into the future and at the same time preserves its culture.