Pilot project "Artisans of the South" launched in Shymkent

Pilot project

Shymkent officials have found an unorthodox method of promoting craftsmanship. As part of the "Modernization of Public Consciousness" a pilot project "Artisans of the South" was launched to revive and promote the national crafts and creativity. Special training courses have been launched in the region, where in just three months 300 artisans will receive training. 20 graduates who received diplomas with honors will be awarded special grants from the regional governor. By the way, within the framework of this project the well-known master Bolatbek Beisbekov opened the Center of Folk Craftsmen, where also the art gallery is located. Here you can learn the art of creating a tapestry, hand embroidery, leather goods, and ornaments.


 - This unique project promotes national traditions and customs. I am sure that it will have a direct impact on the development of tourism. In our family there are seven artists and we all teach our craft. I am convinced that as a result of this initiative, we will be able to find some really talented young people.