This year the first tourist visit-centers will be opened in Kazakhstan

This year the first tourist visit-centers will be opened in Kazakhstan. They will be located in the Tamgaly, Ulytau and Otyrar tracts. These facilities have been included into the map of holy places of Kazakhstan. The work on development of lists of historical and cultural heritage is underway in the regions. As part of the Modernization of Public Consciousness program, holy facilities of the entire region were presented at a specialized exhibition in Pavlodar.


- We have developed a project which is about holy places of our Pavlodar. The archaeological work and ethnographic expeditions are conducted. This is only the beginning of this project.

In total, the map of holy places includes five facilities of the Irtysh region.  The region’s other 36 facilities entered into the regional map. The main attraction is the Akkol-Zhaiylma medieval fortification which is a place of the headquarters of the Kazakh khans and the mausoleum of great enlightener Isabek Iskhan. According to local residents, ancient historical monuments are of interest for tourists.


- Everyone in the world is striving for comfort. This is protection of monuments of antiquity and accomplishment which should become our main goal.

Scientists collected the results of research and excavation in Western Kazakhstan and put them into a single collection. The collection includes all the artifacts, from the Stone Age to the middle Ages. Scientists are interested in gravestones that are three times as many as burial mounds. The European historians are very interested in the book titled "Early Nomads of Western Kazakhstan" which was published in three languages. Presented as an archaeological map of the region, the publication is of historical value, experts say.


- The publications includes 1963 monuments of archeology, which are well known in our region. In fact, I can say that all the monuments of our region are recorded and tracked. This is our distinctions from other regions. I believe we are the first in Kazakhstan to do such a large-scale work.

It is planned to implement 19 projects in the Akmola region. As part of the Modernization of Public Consciousness program, 11 museums were opened. The first in Kazakhstan and the fifth in the world, the ornithological center will begin to work soon. The center will be located in the Korgalzhinsky Reserve, where nearly 80 species of birds nest. Children will have the opportunity to participate in research projects with ornithologists.