Exhibition of Kazakh artists

The gallery of the Palace of Independence in Astana hosted the doors open day. More than 100 creative works of the Russian artists were presented in Astana as part of the Modernization of Public Consciousness program. The exhibition gathered the best works of the Kazakh artists of international level. Earlier works of the authors were presented overseas. According to the organizers of the event, the works reflect the national identity, life and rich culture of the Kazakh people. The exposition highlighted the importance of the revival of spiritual values ​​and national self-awareness.


 - The exhibition showcased the works like ‘Kochevka’, ‘The Zhailau’ and ‘The Send-off’ by artists, Aktoty Smagulova and Rashid Kulbatyrov. We see in the images of batyrs. Not only paintings, but also handiwork, as well as the work of foreign artists were presented at the Palace of Independence.