Presentation of book about Sacral places of Kazakhstan

A single list of sacral places of Kazakhstan has been formed. Now anyone can learn about the history of the sacred places of the west, east, south and north of the country from the new publications - "Nationwide" and "The Regional Sacred Places of Kazakhstan". The first book lists 185 sacred places divided into five groups. They tell about the history of both archaeological and natural monuments, about religious objects, historical personalities and political events related to sacred places. The second collection includes 500 objects. Books are published in a thousand copies in Kazakh, Russian and English languages.


 - The collections about the national and regional sacral places include the results of ethno-cultural expeditions, as well as the works of historians and ethnographers on sacred sites that have existed since ancient times, and on socially significant objects. So, this year, we are planning to boost tourism development.

Restoration of historical monuments was launched this year as part of Modernization of Public Consciousness program. It is planned to launch an interactive map of sacred places this month. 3D tours will be available for tourists as well. Visitor centers in the Tamgaly Tas tract, ancient Otyrar and the Ulytau Mountains will be opened so tourists could closely study the historical objects. Hotels and food courts will be built for travelers.