Books about Kazakhstan replenish funds of U.S. libraries

American readers can now learn more about Kazakhstan. Library of Congress and The New York Public Library received a collection of books about Kazakhstan. The project was implemented by the Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Sports as part of Modernization of Public Consciousness program. American libraries received publications written in Kazakh, Russian and English languages about Nursultan Nazarbayev, his works, historical and popular science literature about Kazakhstan, works by Kazakh poets and prose writers. There is also Nursultan Nazarbayev’s newly released book ‘The Era of Independence’. Readers now have an opportunity to see picture albums about the history of Astana, its architectural masterpieces and Kazakhstan’s sacral places, learn about culture and traditions, national costumes, sports, education and nature. Works by Abai, Shakarim, Zhambyl, Shoqan Walikhanov, as well as modern writers Olzhas Suleimenov, Bakhytzhan Kanapyanov, Roza Mukanova and many other have been thankfully accepted in the book rooms. There are more than 156 million publications in the giant Library of Congress. It is visited by nearly 2 million people a year.


 - These beautiful books that have been presented to us today, and we look forward to collaborations that will enable to talk about some future directions that we can take on our libraries. We hope that we can welcome scholars as well as researchers to use these beautiful collections.