Historian Omir Shynybekuly published his new book titled ‘Kara shanyrak - Karasora, Kutty Meken – Sairamsu’

Historian Omir Shynybekuly published his new book titled ‘Kara shanyrak - Karasora, Kutty Meken – Sairamsu’. In his book, the famous historian wrote about results of his 11-year research in the South Kazakhstan region. The book will serve as an additional course book for schoolchildren. The Kenesaryk village is located at the confluence of three rivers Sairamsu, Kaskasu and Karasora. This land, which is considered holy, gave the country 18 talented artists of international scale, 11 physicians and 23 scientists.


 - Achievements of the older generation were demonstrated in this book. Every parent wants his child to surpass him/her, I think that our children will try to outdo the older generation after they will read the book. This is patriotism.

The author of the book listened to legends from his childhood and wrote them down on paper. By devoting his life to research, the historian spent a lot of time in archives studying a history of the region. Teachers believe that such books will become irreplaceable sources of knowledge on the native land.


 - Young people of this region should know their history, their ancestors and personalities who have made an invaluable contribution to the development of the region.

Forester from Ust-Kamenogorsk Vladimir Fominsky wrote a collection of books about the Kazakh Altai. The author described his hard work in taiga stories and novels. The main characters in the works are simple people dedicated to their work - protecting the forest. They fight poachers, extinguish fires, and prevent other natural disasters. Vladimir Fominsky expects to raise the prestige of the profession of a forester through such literature. There are more than 1.5 million hectares of natural reserves in the east of Kazakhstan and the insufficient amount of specialists in this field.


- The main idea was to show the nature and its charm, the difficulties that a person encounters when working in nature, it's not a walk in a city park-it's a painstaking everyday work.