Kazakhstan Culture days in Kuwait

On the initiative of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan and the International Women's Group, Kuwait City hosted days of culture of Kazakhstan. Kuwaiti public, business women and activists of the International Women's Group attended the event. They were introduced to the culture and traditions of the Kazakh people through videos about Kazakhstan. Guests were also presented with books Nursultan Nazarbayev which were translated into Arabic. According to the media advisor of the International Women's Group in Kuwait, Narjis Al-Shatti, these cultural events are of importance for strengthening bilateral relations between politicians, businessmen and public activists of the two countries.


 - We cooperate with business women of Kazakhstan. Last year our delegation paid a working visit to Kazakhstan, we met with women in politics, education and entrepreneurship. We saw that the women of Kazakhstan make a great contribution to development of your country. We want to expand cooperation in this direction. I expect that today's event will improve our relationship.

Libraries of Kazakhstan and Kuwait agreed to cooperate in the exchange of experience, organization of scientific expeditions, restoring rare manuscripts and transferring them into digital formats. The joint projects aimed at the exchange of experience of the library staff. Currently, over 30,000 rare manuscripts are stored in the fund of National Library of Kazakhstan. Approximately 1000 manuscripts were written in Arabic. Director at the National Library of Kuwait, Al-Abduljalil proposed to host an exhibition of valuable manuscripts in Al Kuwait in order to introduce the Kazakh culture to local residents. His Kazakh colleague, director at the National Library of Kazakhstan, Zhanat Seidumanov, proposed to create a corner of Kazakh literature at the famous Kuwaiti storage. As part of the Modernization of Public Consciousness program, with the support of the Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Sports, the corners of Kazakh literature have been opened in libraries of 20 different countries.


 - Our library is 79 years old. Today nearly half a million books are stored in our fund. There are rare manuscripts in excellent conditions. We collected every rarity from Central Asia and the Middle East. The National Library of Kazakhstan has a unique history, too. Approximately 7 million books and a number of rare manuscripts are stored there. We are ready to share our experience with you by sending our specialists in order to define values of those manuscripts which are stored in the national library. We are even ready to share with our rarities.


 - Responding to the challenges that exist today, the National Library of Kazakhstan tries to work and be up to date. This is why we thoroughly study the world experience. The National Library of Kuwait was built a few years ago. We are interested in technologies that they are applying and infrastructure that they are creating. In this regard, we reached the agreements. Our delegation visited and studied the experience of the national library on the work with readers and application of latest technologies.