A list of Kazakhstan’s sacred places has been made as part of the project Sacral Map of Kazakhstan

A list of Kazakhstan’s sacred places has been made as part of the project Sacral Map of Kazakhstan. 185 historically significant places of the national level and 500 regional sites entered the list. This is the result of the implementation of the Kazakh President’s initiative on spiritual revival set forth in his program article.


 - The first project is completed. This is still being discussed. We want to improve it in the future and consolidate it at the legislative level. We want to introduce a special law on sacred places. The bill presupposes the protection of historical monuments, and also assumes official granting of a special status to them.

Scientists have published a book ‘National Sacral Places of Kazakhstan’ and an encyclopedia ‘Sacral Kazakhstan’. The historical publications describe the results of expeditions to every region of Kazakhstan.   


 - We conducted many expeditions in Akmola region. We have done research in toponymy, history, ethnography, culture in such districts as Shortandy and Arshaly. Many monuments have been found in Akmola region.

This is just a small part of the research that has been done, experts say. According to historians, there is a lot of work to do. Many artifacts are yet to be unearthed. Lots of effort is needed to conduct historical research and create a sacral map of ancient Kazakhstan.


 - We are planning to explore the border between the West Kazakhstan region and Russia, and collect as much data as possible. We will examine the burial place of Barak batyr dated to the 17th century and we are also hoping to reach the burial of Atan Khanym, wife of Bokey Khan, located in the territory of Russia.

Scientists have also created a virtual map of the sacral places of Kazakhstan. Now you can immerse yourself in the history of the country without leaving home. The 3D multifunctional map shows the objects of national level. The application lets everyone explore historical places of Kazakhstan on the Internet.


 - Our museums-reserves are introducing new technologies in their work, for example, virtual tours. They say that this is available in all our museums. The barcodes make the information available in three languages.

Different measures on promotion of Kazakh cultural heritage worldwide are taken as part of the Modernization of Public Consciousness program. A collection of documentary films about culture and history of Kazakhstan has been shot to air on BBC World News, Discovery, Viasat history and National Geographic.