Sacral map of Kazakhstan

As part of the Modernization of Public Consciousness program, culture experts and historians are working to make a map of holy sites located in Northern Kazakhstan. The 14 facilities are marked with a special color on the map. The facilities were dedicated to a religious cult, commemorative battles, a life of great people and other monuments of cultural and historical heritage. All of them will be studied in detail. Scientists and local lore specialists will head a large-scale expedition to visit every facility. According to experts, in order to mark the monument on the map, it is necessary to document evidence of its historical significance. In order to assign the holy places, it is necessary to ask help from the Russian colleagues since many documents related to the history of the North Kazakhstan region are kept in the Omsk archives. The scientists say that according to the results of work, approximately 40 facilities will be listed on the sacral map of the region. It is expected that the project will have a positive impact on development of the tourism potential and will attract investment into the region.  


 - History of Northern Kazakhstan like its culture is very rich. This region needs a large library. It is necessary to collect all the works of the literary classics came from this region. This will be a great contribution to development of culture.